Clay Island adventures

One of the my favorite parts about living on the water is kayaking to explore the different coves. I started kayaking a few years ago, my grandma has always had a few laying around in her garage and thankfully she doesn’t mind me borrowing them from time to time. Today I went out on the kayak with my cousin Danny for the first time this year. The water is still freezing but with temperatures peaking at 78 degrees today, I couldn’t resist! There is a little sandbar about 2 miles from my grandmas house that we nicknamed “clay island” because if you dig in the sand there are a bunch of deposits of clay. During the summer I like to dig a block of clay out and take it home to make pinch pots or vases. 

Today we just kayaked there to visit and rest before exploring the other coves close by. 

Top:  Mossimo top from Target 

Shorts: Denizen from Levi’s from Target

Hat: Thrifted

The shorts are very comfortable but they run large and I had to wear a belt because it gaps at the back.


2 thoughts on “Clay Island adventures

  1. Ps, Karisa, you and your heavenly sculptured body look so absolutely, positively beautiful in the Mossimo crop top and Denizen “Daisy Duke” shorts. Topped by your bright smile, you are off the charts beautiful. 🙂


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