Trip to NYC for FFFWEEK model call

I went to NYC this Friday and stayed in Tribeca with my friend Jen. It was her first time in NYC which was really fun. I’ve been several times so it was nice to see it through a new pair of eyes. 

When we got there it was snowing and I snapped this photo of her:

Jen isn’t a model, but she came to support me and I wanted her to come since she had never been to NYC before. On Friday we went all over the city sight seeing. One of the most memorable sights was the 9/11 memorial. It was our first time seeing it and a very somber reminder of what took place not even ten years ago. We had a few momentsof silence for all of the lives lost that day. 

After we got done sight seeing we went back to the room and binge watched this new show called “Ghost brothers,” it’s an absolute gem. We were laughing the entire time. The next day I woke up early for the model call, I got ready in the bathroom singing Beyoncé and rapping lose yourself by Eminem to get into the zone. 

We checked out of the hotel and took an uber to the casting. There were over 200 girls there, it was such a great turn out. I saw a bunch of girls from the District of Curves fashion show that I will be modeling with. It’s so great to be making friends and meeting other wonderful women through modeling. I sat with a few girls I knew and got in the zone. I feel really good about my audition but regardless if I get to walk their runway this year I will try be in attendance to network with all of the brands and amazing people in the plus/curve community. 


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