First swimsuit shoot of the summer 

Salty but sweet. 🐚 

The first time I wore a bikini was when I was a size 22. That was the first time in my life where I had found self love and accepted my body in any form. Since then I have been on a journey to take care of my body, not worried about the scale but gaining strength and health. There is no such thing as a “swim body.” Please do not be discouraged this summer to enjoy the beach with the body you have. Nobody is perfect and #noswimbodynecessary. 

Shot by Akinolawo


3 thoughts on “First swimsuit shoot of the summer 

  1. Karisa, I just want express how much love I have for you. I’m not just in love with your looks but I’m in love your your positive vibes, your positive attitude, how strong and independent you are . You are so full of awesomeness like damn! 😁. I hope you continue to succeed in life and keep rising. You are such a blessing. Who puts a ring on your finger , I will be jealous 😁😂 lol. Seriously keep being a superstar.

    Dominique Evans


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