Purple Haze 

Oh the places you will find when you let yourself explore. One of my favorite pastimes is going on “photography adventures.” Most of the time I don’t really have a specific spot in mind, I just drive/walk/kayak/take the metro wherever and find my inspiration that way. Last night my cousin Danny and I were on our way to this local arcade we’d never been to before. On the way we saw these neon lights in a barbershop window and had to stop to get some shots. I’ve always admired photography that plays with lights and shadows. It was a lot of fun to try my hand at it for a few minutes. After the pit stop we made it to the arcade but it didn’t take long before we got kicked out for taking “inappropriate photos.” (We definitely were not taking inappropriate photos but I guess she’s wasn’t a fan of my lace bodysuit.)Lol I’m plan on create more visuals like these on a more consistent basis. I have a whole list of concepts I’d like to try and it’s about time I do it. 


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