Rocking around the Christmas tree

This shoot is very near and dear to my heart because it’s actually what inspired me to make the #12daysofchristmasseries! Last month after Thanksgiving I was really feeling bummed out about Christmas. I was not in the holiday spirit at all, but I wanted to do something creative to get into the swing of things. I decided to make myself get out of my funk, I put up my Christmas tree and texted my longtime friend/model Chelsea. I asked her if she wanted to shoot a Christmas theme, to which of course she said yes. She came over to my house and we made this magic happen.

It instantly cured my Christmas blues and I decided I HAD to make a photography series out of it. My favorite part about photography is showing people themselves from a different perspective. I love moment when the subject sees the photos for the first time and their face lights up like they’re opening a present.

Model: Chelsea

Photographer/ Creative Director: Karisa(Me)


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