First Gym Vlog

Good morning!

Hey everyone!

This video includes some exercises I like to do when I go to the gym. Here are the exercises I did in the video:

Squat Walks with heavy resistance band- 40 both side

Clamshells with heavy resistance band- 60 each side 2 sets of 30 if you can for 4 sets of 15

Single leg lift with resistance band- 4 sets of 15

Cable kickbacks- I did 30 pounds 4 sets of 15 each leg.

Plank jumping jacks- I do these in between my weighted sets to keep my heart rate up. I do as many as I can in a minute.

Burpees without push-up- I set a timer for a minute and try to do as many as I can.

Weighted sled- I would recommend trying to push your body weight with the sled. I normally do 200 pounds.

Seated rows- 75 lbs 4 sets of 15

Last pull downs- 87.5 lbs 4 sets of 15

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You can check out my last video on YouTube Here or you can watch it below 😁

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