One of the most iconic Christmas colors hands down is red. Red is bold, daring, warm and most of all powerful. I wanted to do a tribute to that color with this theme, enjoy! Model:Alex Stylist:Chanel Photographer/CD: Karisa

Santa’s Cookies

I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite parts about the Holidays is baking. I’ve always made Christmas cookies since I was a little girl. The tradition has stuck with me and I’d like to pass on my favorite cookie recipe to you all! Of course you all know the classics; chocolate … More Santa’s Cookies


Hey everyone! I know I’ve been kind of on a hiatus with my blog, BUT I have some exciting new content for you guys! Until Christmas day I will be posting 12 unique Christmas themed photoshoots that I was the creative director and photographer for! I am extremely elated with how the shoots have gone … More Hiatus

Purple Haze 

Oh the places you will find when you let yourself explore. One of my favorite pastimes is going on “photography adventures.” Most of the time I don’t really have a specific spot in mind, I just drive/walk/kayak/take the metro wherever and find my inspiration that way. Last night my cousin Danny and I were on … More Purple Haze 


I normally spend my time in front of the camera but I have seen some photography lately that really inspired me to try my hand at it. While I was in NYC my friend Kelan modeled for me. He’s on Instagram @afroartisan