Hey everyone! I know I’ve been kind of on a hiatus with my blog, BUT I have some exciting new content for you guys! Until Christmas day I will be posting 12 unique Christmas themed photoshoots that I was the creative director and photographer for! I am extremely elated with how the shoots have gone … More Hiatus

She fills up every corner like she’s born in black and white.

  I was never a bodycon fan. I was always told since a young age that women should wear things that “flatter” their figure. I think this does flatter my figure by showcasing my curves. I got this dress for $3.00 at MadRag believe it or not. I love how the stretchy, yet sturdy material … More She fills up every corner like she’s born in black and white.

Purple Haze 

Oh the places you will find when you let yourself explore. One of my favorite pastimes is going on “photography adventures.” Most of the time I don’t really have a specific spot in mind, I just drive/walk/kayak/take the metro wherever and find my inspiration that way. Last night my cousin Danny and I were on … More Purple Haze 

Curvy Bride 

This past weekend I did a bridal shoot collaboration with some amazing people! I was absolutely in love with this dress. Details are listed below.  Flowers @katetruhlar  Hair and Makeup @hairbyfaye Styling @mlarkinstyling for @amandaritcheybridal Photographer @katkinardphoto